Arpita Ghosh

Associate Professor
Dept. of Information Science
Cornell University

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I am an Associate Professor of Information Science in the School of Computing and Information Science at Cornell University. I received my B.Tech from IIT Bombay in 2001, and my PhD from Stanford in 2006. Prior to joining Cornell, I spent 6 years (2006-2012) in the Microeconomics and Social Sciences group at Yahoo! Research.

My research interests center around economic behavior on the Internet. I work on game-theoretic models and incentive design for strategic agents in online systems---both money-based systems, such as online advertising or social lending markets, and systems with non-monetary rewards, such as user-generated content (online reviews, Q&A forums) or online voluntary contribution (e.g. Citizen science) platforms. I also study incentives for information sharing by privacy-aware users.

I am currently most curious about contribution in online crowdsourcing, social computing, and user-generated content platforms. Why and how do people contribute on the Web, and how can game-theoretic and economic analyses inform the design of incentives for more and better contributions in these online voluntary participation systems? I am also becoming increasingly interested in the economics of information online, and the design of mechanisms and markets for privacy-aware users .



Networks II
        Spring 2014, Spring 2013

Games, Economic Behavior, and the Internet
        Fall 2013

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Game Theory and Incentives in Human Computation Systems. Arpita Ghosh. Book chapter. Handbook of Human Computation, Springer 2013.

Social Computing and User-generated Content: A Game-Theoretic Approach. Arpita Ghosh. SigEcom Exchanges, Vol 11.2, December 2012.


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Crowdsourcing and user-generated content: Incentive design and analysis        Economics of online information and privacy        Internet marketplaces: Online advertising, social lending and trade networks        Algorithmic game theory        Designing well-connected networks        Miscellaneous topics        

Crowdsourcing and user-generated content: Incentive design and analysis

Economics of online information and privacy

Internet marketplaces: Online advertising, social lending and trade networks

Algorithmic game theory

Designing well-connected networks

Miscellaneous topics

Publications (Chronological)